Italy to Perù | Drinking Water Industry.

Project Description

Italy to Perù | Drinking Water Industry

Cargomar successfully concludes the Out of Gauge transport of equipment for the construction of machines and plants for production of high quality drinking water for human consumption.

We were instructed by a leading Swiss company, to transport a 20′ Flat Rack from Switzerland, boarding in La Spezia port, destination Callao Peru.
Our Team Out of Gauge, after optimizing time and cost of transportation, provides the cage to stow machinery and accessories. We planned all the most important phases of transport, stowage of case on Flat Rack and transfer to the port of La Spezia. All deadlines, communicated to the client in advance, have been met and the cargo arrived at the terminal of destination in time and intact.
The whole team that participated to all stages of transport and boarding, worked wonderfully keeping the high standards required by our internal standard procedure ISO 9001:2008.
The team Out of Gauge Cargomar has successfully managed all phases of transport.

Shipping Information Form 
Shipping Service:Out of Gauge Transport
Shipment Origin:Swiss | La Spezia, Italy, Europe
Shipment Destination:South America, Perù, Callao
Cargo Industry:Drinking Water Industry
Equipment:20' Flat Rack
Special Instructions:Wooden boxes, Stuffing & Lushing, 35 days Transit Time

Project Details

  • Date 1 February 2016
  • Tags Out of Gauge Cargo

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