Italy to Mexico | Beer, Wine and Spirits Industry.

Project Description

Multimodal Transport

Italy to Mexico | Beer, Wine and Spirits Industry

The Cargomar successfully concluded transport from Italy to Mexico, destination Nova Coahuila, about 600 containers of 40 High Cube, on behalf of two Italian leaders in the construction machinery industry, shelving, forklifts and automation systems the realization of autowarehouses vertical. These stores are now the highest expression of Made in Italy engineering and technology available worldwide market in terms of vertical storage facilities.
We are particularly proud to have been part of the project, which lasted about a year, which led to the creation of a vertical warehouse Guinness Book of Records for its size and its reach.
Here are some numbers about the project:
– More than 600 containers of 20 and 40′ Box / Open Top, shipped in just over a year;
– Over 3,500,000.00 Kgs of containerized goods transported in Mexico;
– The Storage warehouse capacity is: 100,000 pallet spaces scattered over an area of about 22,000 square meters;
– Production capacity of the plant when fully operational: 9 million liters of beer a day, 2.9 billion liters of beer per year;
– The group is the world’s largest producer of beer and owns approximately 13% of the world market with 155,000 employees.
The work done by the Ocean Export Team Cargomar is once again winning and allows us to fully comply with the timing of delivery in Mexico, and to our customers, to complete the work in full compliance with contractual deadlines.

Shipping Information Form 
Shipping Service:Multimodal Trasport
Shipment Origin:La Spezia, Italy, Europe
Shipment Destination:Central America, Mexico, Veracruz
Cargo Industry:Beer, Wine and Spirits Industry
Equipment:600 cntrs - 20' / 40' Box, 20' / 40' Open Top
Special Instructions:Max loading Priority, 20 days Transit Time

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