Italy to Mexico | Machinery & Accessories for Leather Industry.

Project Description

Multimodal Transport

Italy to Mexico | Machinery & Accessories for Leather Industry

We have completed the shipping of 1 container 20′ OT1 container 40′ DV2 containers 40′ FRBreak Bulk from the province of Pistoia to the port of Altamira, Mexico.

Our important Mexican customer has entrusted us with the transport of a tanning and dressing machinery and its accessories.
The decisive element for the transport is to define the exact measures of the machinery that we have to load on board as Break Bulk.
The measures are required to prepare the crate, in which the machine will be shipped and then, they must be communicated to the shipping company that will authorize boarding.

When we receive the readiness of the machine, we pick up the goods with the following containers: 1×20′ OT + 1×40′ DV + 2×40′ FR. The two Flat Rack and transported to the shipment terminal waiting for the crate. The crate was picked upo from the exporter’s plant and transferred to the La Spezia MSC Terminal, with a MAFI vehicle. Once at the Terminal, the crate was hoisted by the MAFI and placed on the Flat Racks directly on the motovessel.

Our Break Bulk’s Team have analyzed, followed and participated at all stages of the shipment until the MSC La Spezia terminal, where MSC’s managers checked the correspondence of the measures and authorized the loading on board of the cage.

Shipping Information Form 
Shipping Service:Break Bulk & Multimodal Transport
Shipment Origin:La Spezia, Italy, Europe
Shipment Destination:Central America, Mexico, Altamira
Cargo Industry:Machinery & Accessories for Leather Industry
Equipment:20' OT / 40' Box, 2 x 40' Flat Rack
Special Instructions:Mafi Transport, Carrier Cargo Inspection, 20 days Transit Time

Project Details

  • Date 25 September 2017
  • Tags Multimodal Transport
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