Italy to China | Boat Industry.

Project Description

Multimodal Transport

Italy to Cina | Boat Industry

We successfully ran the shipping of 1 container 40′ COLLAPSIBLE STACK BED from the province of Naples to the port of Shanghai, China.

This transportation involves the boat’s withdrawal from the manufacturer’s shipyards within the hull-handling terminal on container 40′ COLLAPSIBLE STACK BED. Terrestrial transport from the province of Naples to the Terminal of Flavio Gioia for boarding on Mediterranean Shipping Company for the port of Shanghai. The stages of boat handling from yard to port, subsequent stowage and anchorage on the container, on board and the issuance of all necessary documentation for export, were carried out under the supervision of the proposed Cargomar Team.

All the transportation phases have been checked and respected, given the value and importance of the goods being transported.

Shipping Information Form 
Shipping Service:Multimodal Transport
Shipment Origin:Naples, Italy, Europe
Shipment Destination:China, Shanghai
Cargo Industry:Boat Industry
Equipment:40' Collapsible Stack Bed
Special Instructions:No Special Instructions, 45 days Transit Time

Project Details

  • Date 19 September 2017
  • Tags Multimodal Transport
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