Alexander Maersk and the 113 migrants in front of Pozzallo

Alexander Maersk is waiting outside the port of Pozzallo with about 113 immigrants on board. The container ship, which often serves in the Mediterranean between Malta and Libya, left Misurata on Thursday and was soon no longer visible in ship trackin system. On Friday, the NGO vessel Lifeline announced with a tweet that they had offered their help to Maersk to take hundred people aboard a ship in front of Misurata. After the rescue the captain went straight to the port of Pozzallo because he would have considered Misurata as an insecure port and has certainly avoided the first safe port that was Malta, where the ship was direct. We should understand why the Maersk Alexander did not coordinate with the Libyans or with Malta, but it did with an NGO that operates in the opposite direction to the Minniti law.
The Maersk declares that they are waiting for instructions from the Coast Guard Coordination Center in Rome to locate the people rescued at sea. A spokesman for the company specified that there were a total of 113 immigrants on board and that they were rescued at sea in southern Italy, without providing details about the rescue. “This is not the first time: two or three times in recent years, immigrants have been collected.”
Meanwhile, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said that “these boats can forget about getting to Italy” and also: “At this moment the boats with two NGOs (Open Arms and Aquarius) are in the Mediterranean, waiting to load immigrants”.
The Prime Minister of Malta has emphasized his task by delivering humanitarian supplies and the assistance given to a person by the armed forces. The premier states that “Lifeline has violated the Italian directives in the area of ​​search and rescue against Libya and should move from its position to its original destination to avoid escalation.”